Thank You

Thank you.

We know how much planning and efforts went into getting things sorted out, so that our website would be up way before the moderators had called for the bids. It was a task that we had to bite into, hoping that it would take us to victory.

We, the Organizing Committee of #BRC2018 thank all the members from the bottom of our hearts who voted for us. We also thank the members who did not, we are sorry that your preference ended up being on the losing side. However, we promise you will have fun with us! Our heart goes out to the losing OCs (UBL, SGUJ and Kochi), but we expect them to be present at #BRC2018 and enjoy the convention. (We know you are a disappointed bunch, but please DO NOT break the taps in the hotel to seek revenge!)

Again, a sincere thank you to all.

As Ravi Shastri would’ve said, “What IRFCA needs now is a good convention.”