Electric Loco Shed

Vadodara has one of the largest electric loco sheds in the Western Railway zone. The shed houses more than 130 locomotives, which include WAP-4, WAP-5, WAP-7, WAM-4 and WAG-5, WAG-9 locomotives. Additionally it had an AC electric trip shed to house locos coming from other sheds and an AC/DC dual loco trip shed which houses WCAM Class locomotives from Valsad shed and which allows locomotive changes at Vadodara because the trains which were coming from New Delhi mainline are AC Locomotives and the trains going to Mumbai need AC/DC Loco. Until 2011, Mumbai was under DC supply from before Borivali when the Western Railway in Mumbai changed over to the AC system in February 2012, WCAM-2/2P locos have been transferred to the Kalyan shed.

It also has a MEMU car shed which houses the Mainline Electric Multiple units which provides feeder services to Ahmedabad, Surat, Dahod and Godhra.

As is well known, Electric Loco Shed, Vadodara is only the second shed to home the WAP-5 locomotives. Major testing of the twin-WAP-5 with single panto was also successfully conducted under the aegis of this shed.

Apart from the above, the shed was instrumental in carrying out modifications in the erstwhile WCAM-1 locomotives towards enhancing reliability and hauling capacity.

The shed is just beside the sprawling Baroda Marshalling Yard and is situated in a peaceful area. The shed also has an attached training school for initial as well as refresher courses for drivers and assistant drivers of several divisions of the Western Railways. At times, training is also imparted to students from the other zones such as the West Central Railways (WCR). The school is also equipped to impart training to shed personnel.